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7 Days to DieUpdated to A19.5 stable! last map reset on March 27, 2021.
MineCraftMineCraft 1.16.5 Server is up at
ArkArk severs are currently private only.

7 Days to Die PVE Server

We are a friendly PVE server with a few mods installed. If you like to build, co op and fight zombies this is the server for you. Loot respawn time is 7 days, abundance is 150%, XP gain 150%, horde night every 15 days and updated hud. Like playing with friends but don’t want to run across world to find them? We made it easy just type /spawn in chat to quickly find each other. You can set homes and have two additional teleports. Voting for us earns you rewards! Several helpful and friendly admins are available. Even if admins are not on server they are usually available on discord to help.

Rules: Please read through them

  • No PVP! This includes using explosives of any kind to kill player!
  • No Cheating! This includes exploits, scripts and tools!
  • Hackers will be reported to VAC and added to global ban list.
  • Do not make homes or place claim block in or near cities or landmarks to prevent losing your stuff if that region must be reset. Houses are ok as long as they are not in cities.
  • If you find a chest that is not in a protected area it is open to theft, so place a claim block to prevent your items from being stolen.
  • Claims are indestructible and last for 30 days. If you do not return to the server within 30 days your claims will expire and be opened.
  • 7 days to Die Server Map